Welcome to the Underx Routing-Committee Website

The UnderX Routing Committees are responsible for the review, selection, and maintenance of server links to the UnderX IRC Network. A full description of the functions and procedures of the Routing Committees can be dicuss on our Official Channel of UnderX network #Routing-Com or just email: routing-com@underx.org

There are two Routing Committees for the UnderX Networking: One for the America/Asia/Pacific , and the other for Europe. Each committee consists of 5 voting members, a secretary, and an observing member from the UnderX Admins Committee. Here is the current list of Routing Committee Members. Below is the link where people requested the page of how to become a helper on this network depends on what channel they will be assigned.. click on the link and read the information. Requirements.

Here is the Policy page where you must read the information to know what you must do as member of the CS TEAM or Server Provider/OPER click here POLICY PAGE.

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