Underx IRC Network was founded by Juan Obed Garcia aka xXx in 2002. Together with the help of kebin aka AlfieO they decided to create and IRC network with Zhel and they started using a windows IRCD server and services. During that time it was tough and cool because in the short period of time UnderX suddenly became known to any IRC network. Then underx was introduced to use linux based gnuworld services which is used by undernet. Kebin recoded the services and as well the ircd used to support the services. Then the network grew, unfortunately by year 2005 the network was closed due to issue with the staff and as well frequent attack happening during that time using DDOS. So now we decided to revive the network with the help of reans and Ritche. Reans started to host X and moved to a new hub which is hosted by Ritche and now the network is stable and is striving to become big again.